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Today on At Home With we have Janine of UPPERCASE Magazine... I love UPPERCASE Magazine (and write for it) and so having its editor and publisher on the blog today is very exciting... Welcome Janine!

>> Hello, my name is... Janine Vangool
>> I live in... Calgary, Canada
>> I am a.... Multi-tasker: I publish, edit and design UPPERCASE magazine.
>> My home is a... Small house under 900 square feet occupied by husband, our 2-year-old son and our dog, a cardigan corgi.
>> My most favourite part of my home is... The neighbourhood we live in. It is close to everything that we love to do, with nice nearby parks and close to my studio downtown.
>> My favourite room is... The living room. This is where we spend the most time: playing, working, relaxing and eating breakfast or late night snacks.
>> My most recent purchase for my home was... New floors. We threw caution to the wind and put down glossy white Ikea laminate flooring over an old cracked wood floor. We love living with white floors and walls; it makes a small house seem a lot more spacious.
>> My favourite place to shop for home wares is... Ikea by default.
>> For me the most important thing about a home is... It provides a safe and happy place to live, learn and grow.
>> A house is only a home when.... When the people you love share it with you.

And here is a little look at Janine's very lovely white home...

Thanks for sharing your home with us Janine!


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