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Welcome back to Lottie Loves dear readers... I am starting this year's series of At Home With interviews in Silverlake, Los Angeles with artist Lauren Spencer King... Lauren creates beautiful watercolour paintings and blogs about her life and work here... Welcome Lauren!

Hello, my name is >> Lauren Spencer King
I live in >> Los Angeles, California
I am an >> Artist
My home is >> An  apartment in a 1920's building on top of a hill, with lots of original details and a beautiful secret garden courtyard.
My most favourite part of my home is >> My neighbors. I am close friends with two of my neighbors, and that just feels so rare these days, especially in LA. I feel so grateful. My favorite things in the apartment are the lavender bathtub which I have grown to love, the old ice box, and the large window in the living room that looks out into the treetops.
My favourite room is >> The living room. It's really all about that big window. There is the most amazing light in the afternoon, and there is a moment when the house is full of rainbows. I also get to watch mourning doves and humming birds all the time, and ocassionally I see a hawk. Dreamy.
My most recent purchases for my home are >> Palo santo wood which I love to burn, a shallow white dish from Astier de Villatte to add to my collection, and a Morocan cookbook.
My favourite place to shop for home wares is >> The storage space where I have all of my mum's and both my grandmother's belongings. They each collected things from all over the world. My mum was a big collector of Native American artifacts, her mom was an amazing painter, and my other grandmother loved danish design and kept all of her original mid century furniture. I feel my home is a mix of all of their things and their styles. There is so much in storage I wish I had room for. I always want a more minimal home, but with so much amazing stuff from my family in a small space it tends to get a little "more is more" in here.
For me the most important thing about a home is >> That it is full of books, that everything has a place and yet not everything is perfect, and that it has lots of light. As a homebody, it's important that it is the one place I want to spend more time than anywhere else. It's important that I always have fresh flowers by my bed and that when I look out my windows I see trees.
A house is only a home when >> Things are placed with intention. Even if it is one thing. I remember when I lived in Paris years ago I rented a furnished apartment. When I walked in it felt like a house, but not yet my home. The first thing I did was stick a post card of a favorite painting on the wall in my bedroom, and then I walked to the flower shop and bought myself a plant.

And here is a sneak peek around her stunning home...

What a beautiful space... And how lovely is this floral painting... 

Thank you Lauren!


Milynn {Love + Whimsy} :

Such a beautiful home! I am loving all of the natural light flooding through!

Lena :

Wonderful eclectic style at this home! And yes, that window - who wouldn't want one like that. I hopped over to Lauren's blog, too and I'm glad I did!
And good you're back, Lottie. You've been missed!

rosaceabehandelen rose :

the house is very comfortable in the eyes. thanks for this blog.

rosaceabehandelen rose

Jeane M. :

Gorgeous! Every detail on that beautiful loft makes me dream and swept off my feet. Got my eye on your next posts.

kaity @ invitation consultants :

wow - the windows in the living room are stunning! beautiful home, and love that she is friends with her neighbors!

Nordic Bliss :

I loe how personal this home feels. All the photographs, all the little gems here and there, and of course the paintings. I agree with her on the big window. So beautiful with the light coming through the leaves.

matimuk :

a wonderful home
thanks for sharing

emdeco :

I couldn't email you as I don't do outlook so thought I'd write here instead.

Just wanted to say that I really like reading your blog, so I've nominated you to the Inspiring Blog Award! You can read more about it here:

I've also added a link to your blog there

Metaphore :

Her home fits her painting style: natural, efortless beauty.


Goran Saban :

Awesome and creative blog grant by you, lovely seeing. Artistic and handicraft collections are here.

Joel Becker :

Its really nice and amazing blog. Like this kinda of amazing blog and wanna to stay as this relevant blog. Nice sharing as usual.

Nicolle :

Wow, this home is DREAMY.

Eliza Jane :

What a beautiful home! I love how crisp yet warm it is!

JJ and Jim :

This apartment is so eclectic and imaginative without being cluttered - a subtle art I've not yet mastered!! Great interview, I'm new to your blog but as a fledgling blogger will be hooked as your blog is fab!

If you ever get the time to have a read then please do - our style, house and blog are a work in progress :)

Gaby :

what a beautiful flat. i love her little collections around the house x

Nordic Bliss :

I'm getting worried that you have stopped blogging completely? Hope you come back soon.

Flapjack Melody :

What a gorgeous home...Definitely feeling inspired to spruce up my house now..!


Papiya :

So beautiful home with nice electric style.

Bernardette T :

Such a beautiful home. So simple but elegant. I like it.

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